Welcome to my website! My art is based on both classical painting and modern, made in a unique mixed painting technique, as well as gilding. In the gallery you can see oil and acrylic paintings. Unique mixed painting technique involves adding to acrylic paintings paste with various fillings such as stones, flowers, glass, gold etc. Besides, there is a mixture of paints which are different in composition. Thanks to this technique, paintings can glow, flicker or stand out for its unusual texture. On this website you can buy a painting or sign up for art lessons to learn how to create such unique paintings. Or you can just admire the art or borrow some ideas for yourself.

The plots of my paintings are based on the impressions of travelings. The collection includes sketches and paintings from countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Greece, England, Egypt, Ukraine, etc. Series of paintings with fish was created under the impression of diving, and later this hobby started to give more and more ideas of unique techniques. The idea of using gold attracted me with its originality, that is why both abstraction and landscapes with gilding can be found in the collection.

The main idea of my art is to bring alive landscapes and vivid emotions of my impressions. My artworks are created based on the very first, colorfull feelings that conveys the mood of the landscapes and the state of mind.

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One of my styles is the classical painting oil and acrylic techniques. Well detailed drawing and thin layers make the painting close to reality.

Paintings in the style of impressionism. This is one of my favorite styles, also a favorite of many connoisseurs. Textured and large strokes, technique “a La prima” – all this gives the character and special mood in which you can feel the soul of the Creator.

Abstract paintings in mixed techniques have become popular in modern interiors. Textured pastes, shimmering gold in the light, interesting textures of sand and crystals give mystery and unusual picture, which is why any viewer will show interest and admiration.

Latest paintings

Painting 40x60 cm, acrylic on stretched canvas. The abstraction with juicy and bright colors ...
Painting 30x40 cm,  oil on stretched canvas. Oil painting, written in a slightly textured, gives a special character to the ...
Painting 30"x 24" (76,3x60,8 cm), oil on stretched canvas. This is an old English village today. I impressed of these ...
Painting 40x40, acrylic on stretched canvas This sunny seascape will give you warmth in the cold season. Will transfer to the beach ...