Dear art lovers, you have the opportunity to book for the art classes, which are in the area of ​​West Heath, Birmingham, United Kingdom.  Accepting children from 3 years old, and adults.  For different age categories are different training programs.  If you already have any skills, please show examples of your artwork in the class ( it can be photo).  In this case, we can start the program from the level that has already been acquired, or put more attention to the mistakes that you had previously in work.

We use acrylic and oil paints.  The price for 1 hour of classes is £14 (all materials are included in the price).  One lesson is recommended 3 hours with a break of 15 minutes.  Small children from 3 to 5 years old 1 hour will be enough.  The price for 1 hour of classes with your materials  is £10.  If you take 3 hours and with your materials, then £25 for 3 hours.  If you buy materials yourself, I’ll give you a detailed list.

For a good and quick result, it is recommended to attend painting lessons 1-2 times per week, as well as do homework.  As in any other business, such as driving or learning a language, regularity is important.  For children this is fan and helps to develop hand skills and fantasy. You have the right to attend classes for as many days and hours as you like, no need to take and pay for the whole course.  Payment  has to be done in advance, so I can plan and book a place for you. Use the feedback form for booking, and I will send you a schedule with free dates, as well as the exact address of my home.

My studio at home is fully equipped with all the necessary materials of good quality for maximum comfort during creative work.  This is one of the most important points in the drawing process.  The desire of painting is also important.  If it is, then more likely to succeed, especially with the guidance of an experienced master.  We have a friendly and cozy atmosphere, you will feel like at home.  Be free to contact me, I will be glad for new learners and pleasant acquaintances!

In good clear weather can be organized outdoor lessons. The price is the same as usual, but  time spent in nature  for creativity gives a lot of pleasant impressions. It is recommended to have some skills, at least the practice of drawing objects from nature.  Do not worry, for this I will be glad to prepare you.  I will also tell you what good and convenient materials you will need to take with you.  I send invitations for lessons outdoor individually, but if you already have experience, you can contact me.  With pleasure we will draw together.

Also I would be glad to give you online feedback on you individual art work. I will help you in every step of your drawings, and give you useful advice. Just let me know if you don’t know what to begin with, or you have already began but experience some difficulties to move on. Describe your work and your problem in “feedback form”. I will contact you as soon as possible. 

Later there will be short online classes. Don’t miss! 

I wish you good luck in your creativity and new ideas!