Dear friends, at the moment the walls are painted in Moscow. In other places – by agreement. The paint used is acrylic. We ask you to prepare the wall by covering it with acrylic primer before painting. Use the feedback form to order the work and specify:

  1. The address where the work will be done
  2. Size of the wall part to be painted
  3. Attach a photo or a picture that you want to see on the wall to the feedback form, or describe your wishes

During the day I will try to give you the answer and indicate the price and terms. It all depends on the complexity of the work and the size of the wall. As a rule, painting is more expensive and is made longer, if:

-in the work there are many small details and sketches (but the quality is several times higher)

-large size of the wall part to be painted

On average the painting takes from 1 week to 1 month. Please take into account all the nuances and make an order in advance if necessary to do the work by a certain date.

After the details of the order, the preliminary price and the terms are approved, we agree on a meeting at the place where the work will be done. There I take control measurements, adjust the details and price (if necessary), and take a 100% prepayment. Then I proceed to my work and I give a guarantee to finish it at the agreed time. I will be pleased to inform you about how the working process. I’m looking forward to your orders!