Dear friends, at the moment the walls I paint in Moscow. In other places – by agreement. I use acrylic paints. I will ask you to prepare the wall by covering it with acrylic primer before painting. Use my e-mail to order the work and specify:

  1. The address where the work will be done
  2. Desired size of the wall or part
  3. Attach a photo that you want to see on the wall or describe your wishes

I will answer and indicate the price and production time within 24 hours. The price and time depends on complexity of the work and the size of the wall. Usually the painting becomes more expensive and takes longer if:

  • there are many small details (but the quality of the work becomes much more higher)
  • the size of wall is large

On average the painting takes from 1 week to 1 month. Please take into account all the nuances and order the picture in advance, if it is needed by a certain date (for example for a birthday).

After we have agreed on the price and terms, we meet at the place where the work will be done. There I take control measurements, adjust the details and price (if necessary), and take a 100% prepayment. I will fit into the right time and I will be happy to inform you about the working process. Looking forward to your orders!